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His UnEGGsalted Omega PDF & EPUB Free Download

His UnEGGsalted Omega

Book His UnEGGsalted Omega is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: His UnEGGsalted Omega
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Colbie Dunbar, Lorelei M. Hart

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About His UnEGGsalted Omega

Running into your mate is one thing. Running into your chipmunk mate and watching them thrown into their first shift unexpectedly is quite another.
Alpha Dragon shifter Kirin never wanted a mate. He sees firsthand what the loss of a mate could do to a man each time he looks into his father’s eyes. No, the single life is exactly what he needs, and the odds are in his favor. Not a single dragon in his flight presented himself as his fated when Kirin shifted for the first time on his twenty-fifth birthday. He is in the clear…that is until he decides to represent his company at the upcoming trade show and everything changes in a flash…or is it a shift?
Omega Chipmunk shifter Aldo didn’t mind being latent. In fact, he kind of liked it. Being latent means he doesn’t need to take his father’s place as king of the chipmunks. What a pretentious title that is for a pack alpha, not that anyone asked Aldo’s opinion. Instead he gets to run his furniture store and be left out of politics completely. He loves it. That is, until he goes to the country’s largest furniture trade show and shifts for the first time—in public—after bumps into his true mate.

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