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Indentured Companion by Millie Lowelle PDF & EPUB Free Download

Indentured Companion by Millie Lowelle

Book Indentured Companion by Millie Lowelle is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Indentured Companion by Millie Lowelle
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Millie Lowelle

About Indentured Companion by Millie Lowelle

If you like Science fiction romance, cinnamon roll male leads who don’t realise how deadly they are, sassy and foul-mouthed female leads, tender romance, plot, danger, plenty of NSFW steamy romance, very alien peen, vampirism, with HEA and a hook into book two, then read Indentured Companion. Don’t forget to claim your free short story at the end!
Blurb–> Valerie Stone and her sister are in danger of losing their Caste and being on the streets, because of her father’s actions. She has no other choice, but to go into the Indentured Servitude Centre, and seek out a contract to protect her Caste and her future. It’s just one year of service, right? Her rights are protected by the ISC. Then she can start anew with the pay-out she will receive at the end. Enter the Dynast. A mysterious Korvis. His race has been exiled for over 100 years by the Theskian Empire for their…feeding habits. And now, Valerie is on the menu. Is the Dynast like the monsters displayed in horror films? Or is he far more? Will THEY be far more?

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