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Irresistibly Broken by J. Saman PDF & EPUB Free Download

Irresistibly Broken by J. Saman

Book Irresistibly Broken by J. Saman is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Irresistibly Broken by J. Saman
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): J. Saman

About Irresistibly Broken by J. Saman

Zaxton Monroe is rich, powerful, infuriatingly gorgeous, and thinks I’m working for him to ruin his life. Problem is, he might not be wrong.
Aurelia Whitlock is an ex-stepsister I forgot long ago. Until she shows up as a design intern at my fashion company. And that’s the easy part.
The part where she stirs my lifeless blood, drawing me away from my soulless, miserable side is another.
She has no business being here. Her presence far from a coincidence, the more I learn of her secrets and troubled past, the more perilous things become for me.
I can’t trust her. I can’t fire her. And I can’t claim her full lips with mine.
Now it’s a keep your friends close and your enemies even closer situation.
Except keeping this stunning woman who surprises me at every turn close isn’t as easy as it sounds. She’s a delicious load of sunshine wrapped in smiles and enticing laughter. And did I mention the mouth on her? The one that challenges me and calls me the worst sort of names. The one I can’t stop staring at or fantasizing about.
I’m in trouble. So much trouble. My former bandmates, my brothers in arms and blood, well, they’re at just as much of a loss as I am on how to fix this.
So where does that leave me?
In one hell of a mess with a woman who has the power to destroy everything. Including what’s left of my heart.

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