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Lumberjack by Khloe Summers PDF & EPUB Free Download

Lumberjack by Khloe Summers

Book Lumberjack by Khloe Summers is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Lumberjack by Khloe Summers
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Khloe Summers

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About Lumberjack by Khloe Summers

Can a runaway convict trust a mountain lumberjack to see through her past?
I’m innocent. I made a mistake, but I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.
I’ve told my story to police, the judge, and anyone who will listen, but no one believes me.
With my hands cuffed and leg injured, I reach out for faith one last time.
A tall, inked, mysterious lumberjack is my last hope at freedom.
Cuffed or not, I have to make a good impression.
I just didn’t expect to fall for him in the process.
I like my life alone on the mountain.
But when a pretty, young woman in an orange jumpsuit calls for aid,
I can’t help but take her in.
Trouble is, her story has more holes than a honeycomb,
And I’ve never been much of a believer.
It could be her smart mouth and curvy hips telling me all I need to hear,
But I’m convinced she’s not going anywhere. She’s mine to protect… forever.

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