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Off Limits by Helena Newbury PDF & EPUB Free Download

Off Limits by Helena Newbury

Book Off Limits by Helena Newbury is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Off Limits by Helena Newbury
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Helena Newbury

About Off Limits by Helena Newbury

From the author of Deep Woods comes a scorching, standalone romantic suspense to cozy up with. He’s a gorgeous former military badass who sleeps with every woman he sees. She’s his best friend’s book-loving little sister and strictly forbidden. When the pair journey deep into the frozen wilderness to rescue her brother, will anything remain off limits?
I love my life. Each day, I kick ass as part of a private security team. Each night I hook up with a new woman who melts for my British accent. Relationships? I don’t do relationships.
Until I meet Erin, a shy tech genius with a serious book habit. We’re complete opposites but when I look down into those pale blue eyes, I’m smitten. Then the bomb drops: Erin’s big brother is JD, my team leader and closest friend. JD knows I’m Mr. One Night Stand and makes me promise to stay away from his sister. If I sleep with her, I’ll lose my best friend forever.
But while on a mission in Europe, JD is captured. And the only person with the tech skills to get him out is Erin. Letting her come on a dangerous rescue mission goes against all my protective instincts. But she’s determined to help and I can’t let JD die.
To save him, Erin and I must head deep into the Siberian wilderness. To survive the freezing temperatures and wild animals, we have to stay close. But the closer we get, the more I want to pull her to me and tear her clothes off. Neither of us can resist and, for the first time, I want something permanent, something real.
How do I choose between the woman I’ve fallen for and the best friend who means everything to me? Our secret threatens to tear the team apart just as we need to work together. We’ve stumbled onto something terrifying and unless we can solve a decades-old mystery, none of us are coming home.

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