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Playing For Keeps by Rosa Mink PDF & EPUB Free Download

Playing For Keeps by Rosa Mink

Book Playing For Keeps by Rosa Mink is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Playing For Keeps by Rosa Mink
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Rosa Mink

About Playing For Keeps by Rosa Mink

Eight years ago, Stacey lost the best thing in her life—Jake. Now, she simply is trying to live her life as normally as possible. That all changes when Jake reappears in her world and is as angry as she is over their breakup. Nothing’s changed though, his priority in life is still football and she won’t give up the new life she’s made for something that won’t last, no matter how intense her feelings for him still are.

Jake made the biggest mistake of his life eight years ago and it’s haunted him ever since. He let go of the one person meant for him and now, no one can begin to touch him. That all changes when he finds her back in the last place he ever expected. Now, he wants the truth as to why she pushed him away and why she won’t give into what’s burning between them.

When she refuses to acknowledge there’s more than simply desire flowing between them, he’s determined to win her back, win her heart at any cost. He lost last time but now, he’s playing for keeps and isn’t about to let anything come between them. Not any of the men still wanting their shot with her, not distance, not football, not even her fears. He’s winning the only ring he truly wants now—his wedding ring on her finger—finally.

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