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Rosy Red Cheeks by Kiki Burrelli PDF & EPUB Free Download

Rosy Red Cheeks by Kiki Burrelli

Book Rosy Red Cheeks by Kiki Burrelli is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Rosy Red Cheeks by Kiki Burrelli
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Kiki Burrelli

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About Rosy Red Cheeks by Kiki Burrelli

Cameron Founder doesn’t need friends or family. The young horse shifter is rich, hot, and can do whatever he wants. When he walks into a normie bar looking for a fling, he’s enraged by the nosy bear shifter standing in his way. Cameron doesn’t mess around with other shifters and wants nothing to do with the older man, not even if the bear shifter’s muscular body makes Cameron want to neigh.
Vick enjoys his life of solitude in his cabin on the mountain. When he needs companionship, he can always find someone willing to let him into their bed. He never wants more than a night and he never wants trouble—like the twink he spots walking into the bar. The boy is too young and too reckless, and Vick’s bear is too interested in every move the brat makes. Except, then, the brat goes and crashes his car in the middle of nowhere, giving Vick no choice but to take him home to wait out the storm.
It’s clear Cameron needs discipline, and the more time they spend forced together, Vick becomes certain he is the alpha to give it to him.
If Cameron is going to be stuck with the bossy—and gorgeous—alpha shifter, he might as well enjoy it. But as time passes, Cameron dreads what will happen once the blizzard ends. Can a romance between a mountain recluse and a wild child survive once the snow melts?
Rosy Red Cheeks is the tenth book in the Welcome to Morningwood series. It is a sweet, low-angst omegaverse romance featuring a blizzard, one bed, a sexy mountain man, and a brat in need of a good spanking.

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