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Serving the CEO by M. S. Parker PDF & EPUB Free Download

Serving the CEO by M. S. Parker

Book Serving the CEO by M. S. Parker is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Serving the CEO by M. S. Parker
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): M. S. Parker

About Serving the CEO by M. S. Parker

If someone had told me three months ago that I would walk down the aisle to marry my boss, Derrick Thomas, the hot as hell but super demanding and arrogant CEO of Broker Publishing, I would have called them a damn lunatic.
But here I am, all dressed in white, ready to tie the knot with the man of my dreams. Or so you would think.

There’s one problem: Somewhere along the way, I did the dumbest thing possible. I fell in love with him.

When Jessica Ellis lands her dream job as an editor at Broker Publishing in Manhattan, she never expects her life to take a dramatic turn. But when her parents’ bookstore, a cherished family business, is unexpectedly sold, she finds herself in a desperate situation.
After discovering that the new owner is none other than her boss, Derrick Thomas, she takes the matter to him directly. At the risk of losing her dream job, she confronts Derrick, but instead of a pink slip, Derrick offers her a shocking proposal: Marry him for one year as part of a social experiment for his new book about relationships – and how to avoid them. In return, her parents can keep their store.

Will she accept, and if she does, will she be able to keep it strictly professional and not be tempted by her devilishly handsome boss?

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