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The Betrayer by Lexy Timms PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Betrayer by Lexy Timms

Book The Betrayer by Lexy Timms is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Betrayer by Lexy Timms
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Lexy Timms

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About The Betrayer by Lexy Timms

We are born with our father’s names…
The Father:
I built my million-dollar company from the ground up with hard work and sweat. Now I can sit back and relax as my son takes on more of the burden.
At least, that’s what way I see things. My son? Not so much.
He’s uptight to my laidback, stern to my loose control, and he worries far too much. He disagrees with my lifestyle, but I’ve earned the way I live, and I’m not about to change. Unless, of course, it tears apart our already tenuous relationship.
The Son:
My father might have started our company, but I’m the one who made it what it is—a billion-dollar corporation. It required time and my smarts, but I know how to work hard.
My father? Not so much.
My father is casual and free-wheeling, with a penchant for dating younger women. He frustrates me to no end because he doesn’t take life seriously enough. I will never know how we share the same DNA. But what happens when his free-wheeling view of life affects not just the company we built together but also our personal relationship?

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