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The Handler by L.T. Ryan & C.R. Gray PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Handler by L.T. Ryan & C.R. Gray

Book The Handler by L.T. Ryan & C.R. Gray is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Handler by L.T. Ryan & C.R. Gray
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): C.R. Gray, L.T. Ryan

About The Handler by L.T. Ryan & C.R. Gray

NEW from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author L.T. Ryan with C.R. Gray!
Wounded in the line of duty, former K9 Handler Maddie Castle finds herself back to square one. The bullet that shredded her leg took the life of her four-legged partner. The pain of recovery goes well beyond the daily physical torment she endures.
Time is the supposed healer of all wounds. In Castle’s case, this hasn’t proven true. In a hail of gunfire, she lost not only her dog, but the one thing she loved above all else…the job.
Castle is back home in the trailer park she vowed never to return to. Taking a job as a private investigator has proven an unrewarding comparative to her former career. Barely making ends meet and hampered by the ever-present pain in her leg, Castle struggles to keep her footing in her new life.
A K9 handler from Castle’s old unit is gunned down. Castle is called in to assess whether the dog can be rehabilitated. The alternative is a consequence Castle can’t live with. Working to save the K9 might just well save Castle from herself.

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