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The Seascape Retreat by Megan Squires PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Seascape Retreat by Megan Squires

Book The Seascape Retreat by Megan Squires is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Seascape Retreat by Megan Squires
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Megan Squires

About The Seascape Retreat by Megan Squires

It would sound like heaven to anyone else, but Tabitha Parker is at the peak of her career as an attending trauma surgeon. Work provides her mind—and her heart—the distraction she needs now that her grown son has moved out and her amicable divorce has been finalized. Reluctantly, she packs her bags for the beach, ready for the sand, surf and relaxation that awaits. But a chance encounter with her ex-husband has her wondering if the sacrifices she made to climb to the top came at too high a price.

Tabitha’s sister, Camille, is doing a little second-guessing of her own. One thing she’s sure of—she won’t let tabloid images of her ex and his new trophy wife distract her from enjoying this beach vacation. The handsome silver fox that catches her eye while poolside, however, can distract her all he wants. But secrets about his past come to light and Camille wonders if she’ll ever be ready to risk her heart again.

For Edie, Camille and Tabitha’s lifelong friend, this ocean retreat serves as the perfect backdrop for her new photography hobby. Her confidence behind the camera grows, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the much younger, irresistible owner of the local art studio is suddenly her biggest fan.

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