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The Wolf’s Forced Mate by Layla Silver PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Wolf’s Forced Mate by Layla Silver

Book The Wolf’s Forced Mate by Layla Silver is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Wolf’s Forced Mate by Layla Silver
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Layla Silver

About The Wolf’s Forced Mate by Layla Silver

He rejected me publicly. Now I’m supposed to share his bed.
I left this small town after his rejection. Now I’m back, divorced and a single mom.
The pack has decided that I will be mated to the only guy I hate. I don’t want to.
But my daughter needs protection so I agree on one condition: This will be platonic.
Nothing has changed in my old pack. Same traditions. Same barbaric beliefs.
Like the belief that a forced mating bond makes the pack stronger.
So now I share his house, sleep in his bed, but I refuse to give him my heart.
All the while trying to ignore the feelings that are resting hotly between my thighs.
That’s the thing with old flames: They don’t die.
No matter how he humiliated and rejected me, my body still wants him.
Slowly, our platonic interactions turn into a blazing inferno.
And when his touch alone can no longer satisfy my burning desire, I have to ask myself…
Do I dare give my all to the wolf?
In the small town of Beaufort Creek, people believe in arranged marriages. Because when two shifters are brought together to overcome old resentments and form strong alliances, the power of love heals all…

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