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The Worst Fake Boyfriend by Kristen Iten PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Worst Fake Boyfriend by Kristen Iten

Book The Worst Fake Boyfriend by Kristen Iten is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Worst Fake Boyfriend by Kristen Iten
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Kristen Iten

About The Worst Fake Boyfriend by Kristen Iten

When your hot neighbor’s flirting turns into something more, you go with it… unless you’re like me, then you fight it tooth and nail.
No more dating! That was my motto after a long string of failed relationships left my heart battered and bruised. Now, I was career minded and going places—right to the top of the music charts—just as soon as I convinced my upper-crust grandmother to give me my inheritance.
But she’d never approved of me or my music, so I hid every shred of my true self and invited her across the country for a visit in hopes of impressing her. It was the perfect plan… until Cash Walker happened.
How was I supposed to know Grandmother would show up at my apartment and mistake my irritating neighbor, Cash, for a long-time boyfriend? Why she’d choose to be impressed by that was beyond me. But to her, a long-term relationship said maturity—stability, both things she demanded of her grandchildren before she’d give us a dime. Two things I lacked.
Now, the flirtiest man alive has agreed to fake date me in exchange for a small chunk of my inheritance to help buy his dream food truck. But there could be more to Cash than muscles and a trail of broken hearts. And faking just might not be enough for him…

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