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Unchained by KaLyn Cooper PDF & EPUB Free Download

Unchained by KaLyn Cooper

Book Unchained by KaLyn Cooper is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Unchained by KaLyn Cooper
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): KaLyn Cooper

About Unchained by KaLyn Cooper

After being rescued from the Ethiopian rebels’ prisoner of war camp, Keene Soto returned to the United States a broken man. His torture had been of an especially personal nature. He believed himself to be only half a man, and that half hadn’t worked since his return to the USA. He was too damaged for any female, so he given up hope of finding love.

Until she touched him.

Kelly Edson had moved to the Holt farm with her son Jock when her stepbrother and his best friend opened the Holt Agency. She’d hoped living on the farm in the middle of nowhere Indiana would change her luck. She’d been a loser magnet. Almost every man she’d ever dated was a failure at life, pulling Kelly and her son down with him. Working two jobs and studying for her next nursing certification while raising a son, she hadn’t dated a loser in over two years. Because she hadn’t been on a date. She was surrounded by hot single men who all worked for her brother and considered her a little sister. Except Keene. She looked forward to their nightly conversations on the porch swing.

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