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Wild Irish Moon by Tricia O’Malley PDF & EPUB Free Download

Wild Irish Moon by Tricia O’Malley

Book Wild Irish Moon by Tricia O’Malley is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Wild Irish Moon by Tricia O’Malley
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Tricia O’Malley

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About Wild Irish Moon by Tricia O’Malley

Famous psychic, Iris Moon, seeks refuge in Grace’s Cove after her boyfriend betrays her and sells a fake story to the tabloids. With her business and reputation unfairly shattered, Iris hopes to find space to heal and figure out how to move forward.

Little does she expect to find love.

Kane Wallace, known to the world as bestselling author, K.L. Wallace, takes one look at Iris, stranded at the airport without a rental car, and knows she needs a hero. Never one to resist a damsel in distress, Kane convinces Iris to hitch a ride with him to Grace’s Cove. Fresh from heartbreak himself, the two commiserate over bad break-ups and fresh starts. With a budding friendship blooming, Kane drops Iris off and desperately hopes to see her again.

Iris wants nothing to do with men. But much like a lost puppy, Kane keeps finding his way back to her. Soon, Iris finds herself falling for Kane, and is faced with the question of whether she can open her heart to love again.

Together, can Iris and Kane learn that in every ending lies a new beginning?

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